April 13, 2021
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Arakan refugees from Bangladesh arrive in Paletwa

27 December 2013: An increasing number of Arakanese from Bangladesh have arrived in Paletwa, Paletwa Township of Chin State since early this year.

Peter Lawilu, an editor of the Khumi Media Group, told Chinland Guardian that at least 7 families had got on foot to the Chin town of Paletwa on Christmas day.

He also said that it was the fourth batch of Arakanese refugees coming to Chin State in 2013, with another 6 families arriving last week.

The refugees, Buddhists, are currently staying at Myoma Buddhist monastery.

A Paletwa local said that the reason they had run away might be related to possible threats in their places in Bangladesh following communal violence between Arakanese and Rohingyas.

When asked about the reason, Peter Lawilu said: “We haven’t got detailed information from confirmed sources. But what we have got is that more and more people are fleeing into Burma.”

The government authority sent the first two batches, who had arrived in Paletwa in May and June this year, to Arakan State.

It is estimated that about 5% of the whole population in Paletwa Township are Arakanese.

Last year, the Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) made an attempt to open a liaison office in Paletwa.#

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