April 20, 2021

Chin State ministers and MPs

26 December 2013: Below is a list of cabinet ministers and MPs in Chin State, Burma.


The Assembly of the Union = Pyidaungsu Hluttaw
The House of Nationalities (upper house) = Amyotha Hluttaw
The House of Representatives (lower house) = Pyithu Hluttaw

No. Name Position Ministry
01 Pu Hung Ngai Chief Minister
02 Pu Hau Khen Kham Speaker
03 Pu Ohn Lwin Deputy Speaker
04 Col. Zaw Min Oo Minister Security and Border Affairs
05 Pu Nang Za Mung Minister Finance and Revenue
06 Pu Van Thawng Minister Agriculture and Livestock Breeding
07 Pu Kyaw Ngein Minister Forestry and Mines
08 Pu Ram Mang Minister Planning and Economics
09 Pu Ngun San Aung Minister Transport
10 Pu Neng Naing Minister Development Affairs
11 Pu Dr. Ba Maung Minister Social Affairs
12 Pu Cin Lian Pau Minister Electric Power and Industry


CNP = Chin National Party
CPP = Chin Progressive Party
ENDP = Ethnic National Development Party
USDP = Union Solidarity and Development Party

Township Hluttaw Name Party
Hakha Pyithu Pu Ngun Mawng CNP
Amyotha Pu Steven Tha Bik CNP
Pyine 1 Pu Ram Mang CNP
Pyine 2 Pu Chan Pum CNP
Thantlang Pyithu Pi Za Tlem CNP
Amyotha Pu Paul Thang Thai CNP
Pyine 1 Pu Lal Mawng Cung CNP
Pyine 2 Pu Robin CNP
Falam Pyithu Pu Khuang Ling CPP
Amyotha 1 Pu Con Kheng CPP
Amyotha 2 Pu Zung Hlei Thang CPP
Pyine 1 Pu Nah Thang CPP
Pyine 2 Pu No Sum CPP
Tedim Pyithu Pu Pum Khan En USDP
Amyotha 1 Pu Kham Suan Mung USDP
Amyotha 2 Pu Suan Do Cin USDP
Pyine 1 Pu Nang Za Mung USDP
Pyine 2 Pu Zam Cin Pau (Zozam) CNP
Tonzang Pyithu Pu Hau Khan Mang USDP
Amyotha Pu Neng Khen Pau USDP
Pyine 1 Pu Cin Lian Pau USDP
Pyine 2 Pu Hau Khen Kham USDP
Matupi Pyithu Dr. Ro Uk USDP
Amyotha Pu Paw Lia Lwin CPP
Pyine 1 Pu Ohn Lwin USDP
Pyine 2 Pu Van Cin ENDP
Mindat Pyithu Pu Thang Ling USDP
Amyotha Pu Ha Shing Bwe USDP
Pyine 1 Pu Ning Naing USDP
Pyine 2 Pu Hung Ngai USDP
Kanpetlet Pyithu Thura Aung Ko USDP
Amyotha Pu Mana Naing USDP
Pyine 1 Pu Kui Thang USDP
Pyine 2 Pu Ki Thang Lon CPP
Paletwa Pyithu Pu Paih Ling CPP
Amyotha 1 Pu Hoih Ying CPP
Amyotha 2 Salai Khwe Yang USDP
Pyine 1 Pu Kyaw Ngein CPP
Pyine 2 Pu Nan Saih CPP

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