April 17, 2021
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Chin refugee worker named ‘Best Employee’ in Malaysia

Malacca, 17 December 2013: A cleaner from Burma made his country proud through his act of honesty when he returned a lost diamond ring worth RM48,000 (15,000 US Dollars) found in a hotel room in Malacca (Melaka), Malaysia.

The honest worker, Khua Kung Thang, 24, was cleaning the room alone when he saw the ring hidden in a small gap in the chair.

The little ring might have brought big fortune to the Chin hotel worker, but instead of keeping it, he handed over to his supervisor on 8 December.

The ring was later confirmed to belong to a woman from Singapore who had previously occupied the room together with other family members.

Honesty did not bring a cash reward for Khua Kung Thang, but he did receive a certificate from the hotel management and was hailed as the best employee of the year.#

– Reporting by Thomas Chong

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