April 12, 2021
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Missing refugee woman from Chin State found in New Delhi

16 December 2013: Dim Go Cing, a mentally challenged member of the Zomi Community, has now been found after have gone missing in New Delhi, India for two days.

The 20-year-old refugee, originally from Chin State, Burma, was discovered near Sarojini Bazaar last night after an all-out search by family and community members.

She had gone missing on Friday when she was dropped off at New Delhi Metro Station by a rickshaw, according to a Zomi Community member, who had accompanied her to a hospital.

He told the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO): “She [Dim Go Cing] went to Lok Nayak Hospital with a Burmese interpreter to get her toothache treated. The interpreter told her to wait outside while he was talking with a doctor inside the hospital.”

“When he came out, she was not there anymore. He quickly made a call to her handphone and she said that she was already on a rickshaw to go home. And she switched off her mobile phone,” added the community leader.

Later, the rickshaw driver called the interpreter telling him that he would drop her off at New Delhi Metro Station near New Delhi Railway Station. The driver could not be contacted as his phone was turned off, according to the interpreter.

The case had been reported to the Lok Nayak Police Station and other police departments in the area.

One of the police officers, according to the Zomi Community member, said that the area surrounding the Railway Station was not a safe place.#

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