April 14, 2021
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Melody World’s finalist to sing Chin songs

07 December 2013: Miss Thawng Za Hnem Sung, one of the four finalists of the Melody World 2013, said that she has got a plan to sing Chin songs.

In the Chin World interview, the 21-year-old rising Chin singer indicated that she had been approached to release Chin albums, and had intended to work on the songs.

When asked about her plans to do in the near future following her exit from the final round of the nationwide singing competition, she said that she would not give up but was determined to keep on working hard.

It is claimed that the Melody World would release an album with a collection of songs from the 2013 auditions in which Thawng Za Hnem Sung became one of the favourites.

Thawng Za Hnem Sung, originally from Ngamual village, Falam Township of Chin State, said that it was the second time she had competed in the Melody World contest, with the first in 2010.

Currently, she is based in Rangoon studying at a university although her family lives in Mogok, a city in the Pyin Oo Lwin District.

In 2009, Chin female singer Van Dawt Cin, aka Moe Moe, won the second prize of the Melody World.

The Melody World, started in 2006 and produced by the Zomia Media, is aired in a national television.#

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