April 14, 2021
Chin News

Construction on Hakha college buildings starts

01 December 2015 — The authorities in Chin State allowed private companies to start construction on buildings of new colleges in Hakha.

At least two ‘unknown’ companies, contracted for the construction, have begun clearing the area and preparing the land for five two-storey buildings – two of which will be for classes and three for hostels.

State government officials including Chief Minister Hung Ngai and ministers, town-elders and Christian pastors held a dedication service on the location, known as Artlangzau Hill, last Tuesday.

Early this year, Chin State, the only state in the country that has no college, was granted permission for construction of an arts and science college and a teacher training college.

Information as to when the construction will be finished and the new colleges will be opened still remains undisclosed.#

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