April 20, 2021
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Chin Christian College to begin business course

26 February 2014: The Chin Christian College (CCC) says that it will start offering a bachelor degree programme in Business Administration in June this year.

Harvey Van Bik, a CCC lecturer, said in the Hakha Post, a local newsletter, that the college will run four-year major courses in Marketing, Management, Accounting, and Finance and Banking.

Last Friday, the CCC organized a workshop on curriculum development led by Pu Sui Hingz, a Ph.D candidate in Business Administration at Assumption University of Thailand.

Lecturer William Khen Chum Bik said that they will make an effort to become affiliated with universities abroad in a bid to obtain assistance in teaching and improving qualifications, so as to be a fully accredited college.

It is believed that the CCC will be the first to be running a Business Administration course in Chin State.

Currently, the CCC offers a Master’s degree in Divinity, and Bachelor’s degrees in Theology, Ministry, Religious Education, and Arts in English.#

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