April 13, 2021
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Landslides force village in Falam Township to relocate

05 December 2013: Continuous landslides caused by heavy rains have prompted residents in Lianrih village of Falam Township, Chin State to relocate near Congkua, another village about 3 miles away.

Christian Pastor Van Bawi Lian said in the Chinland Today that the village had to be abandoned as the landslides were continuing and that leaders from the two villages had met regarding the relocation last Monday.

He also said that the relocation had to be finished before the next rainy season, adding: “The villagers face difficulty moving their property and sections of their houses.”

Media reports indicated that only a Chin Christian church in USA and some Falam town residents have so far made contributions toward helping the villagers move to a new place.

It is claimed that the local authorities have inspected the area and informed relevant government departments and high-ranking officials.

Lianrih, a village of 28 houses, is home to 159 people.   

In September this year, two villages in Falam Township, Laizo and Zalai had to be deserted owing to heavy landslides that had put them in danger.

More than 700 incidents of landslides have been recorded in Chin State between the months of August and September 2013 alone.#

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