April 13, 2021
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Chin communities celebrate harvest festival

19 October 2013: Chin communities from both inside and outside of Burma have organized a series of celebrations marking the end of the harvest season in their culture.

The event, mostly celebrated in the month of October, was historically associated not only with traditional agricultural activities but also with the sanctification of their village from evil spirits.

H. Kham Khan Suan said that it was also a time of sharing and giving thanks, an occasion to pay their homage and respect to the deceased by a visitation to the grave.

Known by various names in different Chin dialects, the festival nowadays involves programmes including showcase of traditional values and communal feasting.

In Khampat town in Sagaing Region, about 4,000 people are expected to participate in the celebration organized by a group of Kalay-Kabaw-Gangaw-based Chin communities on 16-20 October.

Chins based in the former capital of Rangoon are in full swing for the event to be held at MBC (Myanmbar Baptist Convention) hall on 26 October, with a variety of traditional shows, dances and activities.

In Hakha, a grand celebration is prepared to take place on 21 October, Monday, on which date traditional dances from each of the nine townships in Chin State will be performed as part of the programme.

Celebrations also take place in Europe, North America and Asia.#

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