April 13, 2021
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Chin State parliament passed 12 draft laws

18 October 2013: The Chin State parliament had passed 12 out of 14 draft laws during the sixth regular session of the first Chin State parliament held in Hakha from 17 September to 8 October.

The bills include laws relating to preservation of cultural heritage, construction of roads and bridges, prevention of fire and natural disasters, livestock breeding, use and production of fertilizer, loading and unloading goods, private vehicles, reforestation, electric generation, narcotics and drugs, ports, and honours and awards.

Pu Nah Thang MP said in the Chinland Post that two bills which are pending for further discussions in the next parliamentary sessions scheduled in December this year are laws regarding ownership of private ships, and fisheries.

The government of Chin State were criticised for delay in their submission of drafts of proposed laws to the bill committee ahead of the parliamentary sessions.

Pu Lal Maung Cung MP said in the Hakha Post that the bills had to be submitted to the committee at least 30 days in advance according to the laws.

“Only after the committee reviews them should they be put forward to the parliament for discussion,” added the Chin MP.

During the 15-day sessions attended by 20 out of 24 MPs, 52 questions were answered and 9 proposals were discussed.#

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