April 20, 2021
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Sick Chin refugee woman beaten up in New Delhi

23 October 2013: A Chin refugee named Monica, 25, sick with strange stomach pains, hepatitis C and suspected TB, has suffered injuries from being attacked by a local woman in New Delhi, India on 13 October 2013.

The victim told the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) that she had been beaten up and kicked in her abdomen by the the Indian mother while trying to use water to clean herself up.

She said that when she went to the ‘shared’ bathroom, she found out that her water bucket was being used by the woman, and requested her to give it back.

“She started shouting at me and using some bad words in Hindi. I was so surprised and went back to my room to lie down on my bed. But she didn’t stop shouting.”

Eventually, the victim got up again and explained her about her sick condition, saying she didn’t want to have any problem regarding the situation.

“The local woman pulled my hair and beat me. I collapsed on the ground. But she kept on beating and kicking in my head and abdomen. I was badly hurt and my head was bleeding,” added Monica.

She also said that some people who also rented in the same building were not offering help but watching during the course of the attack.

Having been informed of the incident, two officers from the Socio-Legal Information Centre (SLIC), an implementing partner of the UNHCR, and one Burmese interpreter made a visit for investigation.

“When the officers arrived, the woman was not here. They talked with the landlord and left around 9pm,” said Monica.

She added that she was subsequently accused for making a complaint to the officers and that she was forced to leave her rented room.

“I have never come across such a terrible incident in my life. This is my first time. I wish it could be the first and the last as I am not an healthy woman. I couldn’t even afford my rent and food, and they have been paid for me by friends,” said the Chin victim.

No action has been taken against the perpetrator so far.#

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