April 13, 2021

Violations continue in Burma’s ethnic areas: ND Burma

03 October 2013: Despite ceasefire negotiations and agreements, human rights violations are still committed in Burma’s ethnic areas by the authorities, the Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma (ND-Burma) said in its report.

The report documented 147 cases of human rights violations perpetrated during the period of January to June 2013 by the government and military across the country.

Among many, it recorded 40 cases of confiscation and destruction of property, 23 of arbitrary taxation, 20 of forced labour, 16 of torture and 10 of killing in six states and three regions.

ND-Burma admitted that these numbers, while still representing an unacceptable amount of human rights violations, did not fully demonstrate the current situation due to challenges in data collection and documentation in some areas.

With a total of 61 cases, Shan State has the highest number of violations, followed by Karen and Chin States.

In Shan State alone, about 100 clashes have been reported since early 2012.

Since 2011, the government has signed ceasefire agreements with 14 of the attempted 16 groups.

The report said violations in ceasefire areas have shifted from conflict-related to those associated with business, infrastructure projects, and natural resource extraction.

Burma’s government is accused of making little progress on protecting the human rights of its citizens, and blamed for its continued arrests of human rights defenders.

According to AAPP (Assistance Association for Political Prisoners), there are around 120 political prisoners who are imprisoned and another 100 still on trial.#

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