April 17, 2021

Sexual violence committed by Burma Army continues

14 January 2014: The Women’s League of Burma (WLC), a coalition of 13 women organizations, has renewed its call for an end to the ongoing sexual crimes committed by Burma Army soldiers.

The report entitled Same Impunity, Same Patterns: Sexual abuses by the Burma Army will not stop until there is a genuine civilian government launched today states that state-sponsored sexual violence still continues to threaten the lives of women in Burma.

It records over 100 cases of women raped by Burma Army soldiers since the 2010 General Election, saying: “Due to restrictions on human rights documentation, WLB believes these are only a fraction of the actual abuses taking place.”

Tin Tin Nyo, General-Secretary of WLB, said: “To bring justice for the victims of rape and sexual violence, we must take steps to ensure truth, justice and accountability. There can be no real reform without stopping all forms of violence, correcting the judicial system, amending the Constitution and enforcing the law to protect women’s lives.”

The report documents multiple instances of post-transition sexual violence involving over 100 women, including 47 gang rapes with victims as young as 8 years old.

It accuses the government of Burma and the international community of turning a blind eye to these pervasive human rights abuses.

WLB calls on Thein Sein’s administration to ensure relevant norms of international laws are incorporated in Burma’s domestic legislation to protect women.

Today, WLB launches its report in Melbourne, Australia; New York, and Washington, D.C., USA; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Rangoon, Burma.#

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