April 13, 2021
Chin News

Public event to condemn OP alcohol in Hakha

28 August 2013: Leaders of community, civil society and churches are to empty over 2,000 bottles of overproof alcohol at a public gathering in Hakha, Chin State tomorrow.

The event organized in an effort to tackle alcohol-related problems in society is scheduled to take place at Pu Kio Mang football ground.

The OP bottles are seized from private shops and houses that had been informed of plans to  crack down in the Chin capital since around mid August 2013.

One of the organizing leaders was quoted by the Hakha Post as saying that anyone opposing the sale and use of alcohol are welcomed to the event.

Hakha Chin leaders said OP alcohol, which has got much higher percentage of alcohol content, are legally banned by the government laws.

It is not confirmed whether officials from the government of Chin State and government departments will join tomorrow’s anti-alcohol campaign. #

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