April 14, 2021
Chin News

Flash floods destroyed 3 bridges, 1 building in Tedim township

23 August 2013: Flash floods triggered by heavy rains have destroyed three bridges and one building in Laibung village, Tedim Township of Chin State on 20 August 2013.

The Laibung bridge constructed on the main motor road, and two other smaller bridges are completely damaged while a building used for keeping an electric power engine collapsed.

Destruction of the electric power building has caused power cut-off up to Tedim town as the TV Transmitter stationed on Thumamual was run by electricity from Laibung, according to the Tongsan news.

Last week, a local woman named Sayama Dim Man Cing was killed while crossing the bridge between Laibung and Pimpih villages. Her dead body was found near 9 Miles of Kalay Myo in Sagaing Region the following day.

Laibung is home to about 110 households in the northern township of Tedim in Chin State.

Other parts of Chin State are reported to have been affected by heavy rains in recent weeks.#

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