April 13, 2021
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Shopowners encouraged to use names in Chin

23 May 2015 — Chin university students’ fellowships are suggesting the use or inclusion of names in Chin dialects for shops, companies and organizations.

The groups said that they would like to request owners and leaders to give a name in a Chin dialect to their business in an effort to preserve the language.

The Hakha University Student’s Fellowship said that they had distributed a request letter to 620 local shops and companies that have outlets and offices, mainly along the main road, in the capital of Chin State.

Salai Za Lian Thang, HUSF chairman, said in the Hakha Post: “We want them to include a separate Chin name even if they have their shops’ names written in English or Burmese. It will be an indication of Hakha being a Chin town and of our support for Chin liturature and culture.”

Salai John Peng Tha Awr said that the majority of the Hakha residents had welcomed their request, adding: “Some say they would use only a Chin name while others say they would include it as much as possible.”

University students’ fellowships in Thantlang and Falam are preparing to distribute a similar request letter to local businesses, companies and organizations.

Most of the names of town and village signs across Chin State are written in Burmese, in a movement seen as a step taken by Burma’s authorities toward Burmanization.

Student leaders indicate that the businesses, companies and organizations will also be encouraged to display a request to the public not to discriminate against establishments that fail to use Chin names.#

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