April 11, 2021
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Chin refugee father attacked, mugged in Delhi

20 May 2015 – A Chin refugee pastor and father of three was attacked and mugged by two Indians in Mahindra Park, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi around 10pm on 15 May 2015.

Rev. Zakiau, a Christian pastor in his late seventies at the Truth Fellowship, lost his mobile phone and 100 rupees to the attackers who ran away immediately after the incident.

He told the Chin Human Rights Organization that he had passed by them,  been grabbed from behind and strangled by two local young men while he was on the way home from the church at night.

“I got unconscious and collapsed on the ground. When woke up after a few minutes, I was all by myself.”

He got injuries in his face. He said that he had vomited after the attack. “I felt too tired and dizzy. I managed to get up and reach home around 11pm.”

“I reported the case to the Socio Legal Information Centre on 18 May. However, I didn’t receive proper responses from them. A SLIC officer told me that the case would be forwarded to the UNHCR office as they had no capacity to deal with the case since the two culprits are unidentified.”

Originally from Falam, Chin State, Burma, Rev. Zakiau lives in Delhi with his wife Ngur Than Mawii, sons Lal Zo Muan and Caleb Lal Ro Pui, and daughter Lal Siang Mawi as refugees, all of his children under the age of 20.#

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