April 12, 2021
Chin News

Christian organization’s truck destroyed in road accident

25 June 2015 — A six-wheel lorry carrying 250 bags of rice plunged about 60 feet off the hillside road near Falam, Chin State around 4pm on Tuesday.

The vehicle belonging to the Thantlang Association of Baptist Churches skidded on a flat rock on the edge of the road and fell down the hill while attempting to give a way to a jeep.

Driver Soe Soe said that he had been lucky enough to be pushed out of the broken front window after the truck had somersaulted twice and landed on a fir tree.

“There were three persons including myself in the truck. They managed to jump off the vehicle before the accident. So, the two passengers are safe,” said the driver.

He said that doctors had requested him to remain at the hospital as he had got some minor bruises.

Eyewitness V. Awi told the Chinland Guardian that the vehicle’s engine had been badly burnt and destroyed and that most of the rice had been damaged.

The accident took place on Vankau Road near a Burma Army battalion base, 1 mile and 2 furlongs away from Falam.#

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