April 11, 2021

Alert As Two Chin Brothers Missing In The US

Chin communities and individuals express their grave concern and fear over the two Chin teenage brothers who have been reported ‘missing’ in Alhambra city, California State since last Thursday.


Tial Thawng, 14, and his younger brother, Hniang Nawl Thang, 11, have not come home till today after telling their parents around 3 pm on 23 April, 2009 that they were going to the library to study.
Last Sunday, the two Chin brothers were said to have been clearly seen walking on the streets in the area, not far from their house, by some Burmese church-goers, who are the family’s friends but were not at that time aware of the situation.
Mr. Tial Kam, a 40-year-old father of the two missing teenagers, told Chinland Guardian: “We feel a bit better when we know from our Burmese friends that our sons are in good health, being safe from any harmful hands. But as parents, we are still very much worried every second, days and nights, and wondering when they can come home. We need your earnest prayers for their safe return home.”
We informed the local police of the incident right away when the elder, an 8th grade student and his brother, a 5th grade student, did not come home at their usual time on Thursday night after joining a study class at the library for nearly three weeks, he added.
It was only that night that the parents learned from the teacher their two sons had already been absent, playing truant from the library class for almost a week.
Mr. Kam, now a father of five children, believed that their sons might have got depressed and downhearted after moving to the new city where they found it difficult to cope with the course work and also to adjust themselves to the new system. He added: “At home, we keep encouraging them to go to school and to study for their future. Sometimes, I take day-off from work and go to the library along with them.”
The 14-year-old was in his fourth standard of military-spoiled Burmese education system when he left for Malaysia as a refugee. He was admitted straight to the 7th grade when the family moved to the US under the UNHCR resettlement programme in June, 2007. His younger brother did not go to school properly while in Burma.
Mr. Tial Kam said the local police have also taken great efforts in this case, adding: “We would also like to say our heartfelt thanks to the Chin people for their help, concerns and prayers. As parents, we always keep our doors open for them. Please keep praying for us so that they can come home safe.”
The search still goes on. 
Van Biak Thang
29 April, 2009

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