April 11, 2021

Fire Left Villagers Homeless In Chin State

A fire believed to be started by a mentally challenged man destroyed a total of 26 houses at Leidaw village in famine-hit Chin State around midnight on 25 April, leaving the residents ‘homeless’ but no casualties have been reported.


The victims in Tedim Township are said to have been temporarily staying at the church building and receiving food and clothes from the church members and villagers.
London-based Siyin Chin, Ms Chian, told Chinland Guardian: “The villagers are, for the time being, staying in the church building. They are worried for their future as their houses were completely destroyed. They need your prayers and help for their future survival.”
Some churches, family members and individuals abroad have sent, but not enough, assistance to the villagers, according to Ms Chian. Township authorities and NGOs including UNDP have reportedly been to the village and met with the victims.
A source said that the blaze reportedly broke out in the arsonist’s house and quickly spread through neighbouring houses, and that he has not been seen in the village till today.
Last night around 2:30 am, another fire broke out at Sakollam ward of Tedim town, razing three family houses to the ground.
Early this year, similar incidents were reported in Valung village of Falam Township where a total of 26 houses were gutted and in Hakha where three government-owned houses were burnt to ashes.
Founded in 1955 by the Siyin, one of the Chin tribes, the Limkhai Leidaw village has got 70 houses and been best known as one of the most prolific apple-producing villages in Chin State.
Van Biak Thang
02 May, 2009

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