April 12, 2021

UNPO Condemns Burmese Junta for Infringement and Military Occupation of Chinland

By Chakumpa, June 28, 2005: Unrepresent Nations and People Organization (UNPO), which is regarded as a shadow United Nations Organization (UNO) an alternative world body, condemns the Burmese military junta for infringement and military occupation of the sovereign of Chinland and her people in its seventh General Assembly held at the Great Hall of Justice in Peace Palace of the Hague, Netherlands from June 24-26.

Delegations from 63 Nations gather at the Assembly representing over 200 million oppressed peoples around the world. The Chin delegation at the assembly comprise with three members led by Kenneth VanBik includes; Mr. He Mang and Peter Sang.

The Mon and Shan delegates were also in attendance at the Assembly. There are four nations, Chin, Karenni, Mon and Shan from present Union of Burma who are member of the UNPO.

During the Assembly, the Chin delegate praises the UNPO for taking active role in condemning the Burmese military junta saying that; “We the Chins would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the UNPO for its efforts at the European Union to continue the economic sanction against the Burmese military junta and the voice of UNPO against the rotating chairmanship of ASEAN by Burma’s junta”.

The Chin delegate also raised an issue of grave concern about the Chin people from India-Burma border regarding the recent major military operation against the Chin National Front (CNF) jointly conducted by the armed forces of India and Burma.

The UNPO is working to fight for the Right to Self Determination of the oppressed peoples around the world. The themes of the Seventh General Assembly is; “Globalize Democracy to Defend Human Rights and the Rights to Self-Determination in a System of International Law Guarantees”.

The Chin National Front (CNF) represents the Chins that become the 52nd members of UNPO in 2001. The former UNPO members among others include Baltic States from former Soviet Union and East Timor.

The next General Assembly is going to be held in Taiwan, one of the leading UNPO members.

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