April 14, 2021

CNA Soldier Under Investigation For Molesting A Woman

June 18, 2007-Aizawl: A soldier from Chin National Army (CNA), the armed wing of Chin National Front (CNF), is under investigation by his own party and army officials for molesting a woman. Corporal Maung Thein, a section commander from battalion 3 of the Chin National Army was accused of molesting a young married woman during the week of May 18-22 near Para village at India-Burma border.
According to sources from the villagers, Ms. Deli San and her husband from Leiring village of Matupi townships, Southern Chin State was stopped by a group of CNA soldiers on their way to Mizoram on May 18. The couple along with four other villagers spent the night with the CNA soldiers at Para village. The next day the soldiers relocated and camped to another place outside of the village where Corporal Maung Thein was accused of molesting and inappropriately treating the couple.
When the couple were contacted at Lawngtlai where they are now staying, the woman Ms. Deli San said that “I did not know how they treated me during the night as I was injected diazepam and I just fall asleep that I did not know any thing”.
However, the husband of the woman protested that “even though I did not witnessed it, it is highly possible that the CNA corporal Maung Thein molested my wife the fact that I was ordered to sleep at another tent while he kept my wife in his tent for the night. I am not satisfy with the treatment of CNA soldiers”.
According to CNF spoke person “as soon as we heard the case, we take it seriously. We immediately formed a committee to investigate the case in search of justice accordance with the CNF and CNA rule and regulations and the existing law”.
“The accused culprit corporal Maung Thein had been arrested by CNA soldiers and he is under investigation. We are also seeking witness statement from both the woman Ms. Dali San and her husband” said the CNF source.
When asked did they receive complaint from the couple, CNF spoke person responded that “we the CNF did not receive any formal complaint from the couple nor any body. But we heard it from the villagers that the CNA soldiers inappropriately treating the people, especially the couple”.
The Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) field in charge and member of the organization board of directors Mr. Terah Thantluang said that “We heard about the case and we are closely following it. We also informed the CNF leadership about the case that we are very much concern about this and we take it seriously. If the accused culprit is proven guilty, justice is needed to be done from CNF/A side”.
The Chin National Front (CNF) was formed in 1988 to fight against the Burmese military regime for self determination of the Chin people and restoration of democracy in Burma . The Chin National Army (CNA) is the armed wing of the CNF, which is now under the process of ceasefire talk with the Burmese military regime State Peace and Development Council (SPDC).

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