April 20, 2021

The protest against SPDC continues

The peoples’ demonstration against the military regime in Burma continues amid the military government uses of various violent forces against the ongoing protesters. Not only in Rangoon and Mandalay , the demonstrations against the ruling military dictatorship go on in various cities including Hakha, the capital of Chin State.

Speaking to the Chinland Guardian, a young University student from inside Burma says, “We inside Burma are hopeful that we can bring about a real change this time. The momentum is getting stronger and stronger despite the brutal crackdown on us – demonstrators – by the government forces. As we speak, the protest is going on here in Rangoon .”
While asking about the casualties and death toll, she says, “We are told that the death toll reach as high as 39. You can never tell how many got killed already because they killed and tortured most of the demonstrators where we the public can not see them. What I can safely say is that number of casualties is on the rise.”
When asking about whether or not the demonstration will cease, she insists, “Some of our fellow demonstrators who boldly stood up against the military government have died already. Their paid their pracious lives for the just causes and we must not let them die in vain. Therefore, we will not end our demonstration without achieving our goals of restoring democracy and human rights.”
While asking her what messaage she wants to the outside world, she requests, “Please do whatever you can from outside. We need your strong support. I have heard the firing of guns as I speak to you even now. Be encouraged that we will do whatever we can from inside.”
Commenting on the widespread speculation that General Than Shwe’s wife flees to Singapore , she comments, “we are told here that she fled already to Singapore yesterday. As far as what we know here in Rangoon is concerned, we all believe that she is in Singapore . Let’s wait and see.”
29 September, 2007

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