April 20, 2021

Aussie-Burma Network Held Candlelight Vigil to Support Peaceful Protesters in Burma

Melbourne, Australia: Whilst the Australian Government said there was little point in tightening its economics sanctions because it would only hurt Burma ’s ordinary citizens, the Burmese living in Australia held candlelight vigil to support the ongoing demonstrations, the biggest since 1988 nationwide pro-democracy uprising in Burma , on September 28, 2007 at Victoria State Library, Melbourne.
It was estimated that more than 500 Australians and 300 Burmese, most of them are Chin and Karen ethnics, joined the event which was organized by Australian Burma Network. Khon Teddy Buri, elected MP of 1990 general election, and Mr. Homling, a Cambodian national and MP from Victorian Parliament, gave special speech.
“It’s a time for action, not a time for empty statement and promises. We need more than sanctions. This is a critical time for, as well as an opportune time for international community to do something, to step in. That’s why we organized this event to support the ongoing demonstrations and pressure Australian government to play a leading role” said Teddy Buri.
While interviewing with Chinland Guardian, Jessica Kummel from Australian Burma Network told that the events was organized to support the ongoing demonstrations and honor the courageous monks and Burmese citizens who took to street despite knowing of the risks to do so.
In the event, with high spirit and hope that there will be much better change in Burma , many Chin people wore Chin traditional dresses which make them distinguished from other people and attracted journalists and photographers. “We, the Chin people, should always attend this kind of events to show the world that we’re one of major ethnic nationalities of Union of Burma and we’re the founders of Union of Burma alongside with Burman” said David Thang of The Hornbill Chin Association of Australia.
The event was coincidence with highly respected and widely read Melbourne ’s newspapers like The Age and The Australian covering Burma ongoing demonstrations on the front page of the newspapers. The Age and The Australian wrote Burma ongoing demonstrations on their front page with headlines ‘Attack on Monks Greatest Wrong’ ‘Violence Erupts in Burma’ and ‘Saffron Revolution’ and etc. “If any body has any potential to influence the situation there it’s going to be the Chinese” reported The Age. “The tyrants of Burma have lashed out at the protestors, but the time for democracy finally may have arrived” stated The Australian.
Another rally to support the ongoing demonstrations in Burma organized by ethnic organizations in Australia will be on September 29, 2007 at Melbourne Town Hall . Many Chin people are preparing to join the rally with Chin traditional dresses with high hope that current demonstrations will bring much better change in Burma .

Lian Ding Hmung
28 September, 2007

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