April 20, 2021

A Chin medical student to observe the health care system In the UK

London, UK: – A Chin medical student, Sasa, is to observe the health care system in the UK including the clinical attachment at the general Hospital of Newcastle, Good Hope Hospital of Birmingham, Royal County Hospital of Brighton and the Hospital of Dawn International Network. This two-month practical observation will include study and speech tour, student elective course and participating at auspicious occasion of the Adventure Plus.
A fifth year student currently studying at Armenian Medical University in Armenia said, “This is a huge blessing for me to observe the modern health care system of this great nation.  I hope and pray for the day when our motherland will have a privilege to this kind of modern high-medical technology and health care system. As the future of our people is relying on the youths of our generation, this is critically important for us, the youths, to have the best and highest possible dreams toward the future of our people and country. This is the era when the whole world is running after better health and brighter future”.
As an outstanding student, Sasa is well known to his fellow medical students and professors, his village and the areas nearby. He passed his matriculation from Yangon , Burma in 1997. Due to the unconditional closures of universities in Burma , Sasa went to India and got accepted at a college in Shillong in 1999 after passing higher secondary examination with good marks, which gave him a chance for medical study in India or abroad. Three rural villages including his native village made a kind contribution for his medical study and Sasa chose to further his study in Armenia in 2002.
“The health care situation in Burma has been terribly worsening. As a result, there is an increasing number of disabled population as well as mortality and morbidity rate. And, the population of orphans reach beyond the limit and poverty has already crossed the red line,” continued Sasa.
“Truly speaking, the country’s health situation is heading to unimaginable- scale, which is damaging the people’s future. It is heart-bleeding when you think of our beloved family members’ lives in Chin State , which are still being threatened by mosquitoes and simple water-born disease. This is simply unacceptable and these sufferings the people have been going through for decades are the greatest challenges of our generation. The time has come for the Chins both inside and outside the country to do everything we can to meet with this crisis before it’s too late,” said Sasa, who is from a small village in Southern Chin State.
This is the third time that Sasa has made this type of tour to the United Kingdom , the first time in December, 2005 and the second time in June, 2006.
Van Biak Thang
24 June 2007

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