April 13, 2021
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Dozens of Pigs Killed by Unknown Disease in Chin State

16 September 2011: More than sixty pigs have died from an unknown disease in Falam Township, Chin State since July 2011, according to a headman of Zawngte village.

Mr Run Hlei Thang said the infectious disease spread across the area near Zawngte, killing at least 62 pigs in the last week of July and August.

A local from Leilet village, Mr Nung Ling was said to have travelled to Falam Town and informed the matter of government veterinary doctors on 4 August but it was known that no one was available, according to the locals.

“Once infected, the pigs were not able to pee or poop, and then their urinal areas got swollen. They got shaky and died within a day or two,” explained the local witness.

The concerned officials were known to have been informed but no one has come for the treatment up to date.

Trading pork and pigs between villages was immediately prohibited in the region, with a fine of 100,000 kyats by the Block Peace and Development Council in association with the village elders.

It was claimed that a total of 50 pigs died from Leilet village, 5 from Singai and another 7 from Dihai in Falam Township.

Reporting by A Hmun and Thawng Zel Thang

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