April 14, 2021
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Locals Ordered to Register Guests by Authorities

15 September 2011: U Khin Maung Win, Administration Officer of Falam Township, Chin State has ordered the village headmen to register each guest visiting the area and charge 200 kyats per head, according to Chin Human Rights Organisation‘s sources.

Each village in the township is required to keep a book of guest lists which will consist of details of people travelling in and out of the village including dates and amount of money charged, and of the hosting local such as number of national identity card.

One of the local leaders said: “The headmen are told to get ready at all times to submit the name lists together with the total amount of collection to Township Administration Office when informed by the authorities. Some headmen from remote villages are facing difficulties in travelling.”

The new orders imposed in the area necessitate the locals to carry their IDs and official travelling documents issued by the authorities even when they make a short visit to their relatives in the nearby village.

In order to get the travelling permit document from the administration office in Falam town, the villagers have got to spend at least 800 kyats for transport, according to the local from Haimual village, whose name is not revealed for security reasons.

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang

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