April 12, 2021
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Suu Kyi in Good Health Says Doctor

7 November 2009: Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is said to be in good medical condition after she was examined by a ‘female’ doctor on Thursday, according to a source in Rangoon.

Suu Kyi was last seen publicly two days ago at Innya Lake Hotel when she met with visiting American diplomats on November 4. It was the first time the Nobel Laureate was allowed outside of her home since her house arrest order was extended for an additional 18 months two months ago.

Suu Kyi, 64, who has spent most of the last two decades under detention, has only occasionally been allowed to be seen by her personal physician. Concerns about the well-being of her health grew when she was trasfered to Burma’s most notorious Insein Prison following an intrusion by American tourist swimming across her lakeside home uninvited in May.

A high-level US delegation was in Burma earlier this week meeting with Suu Kyi, ethnic leaders and officials from the ruling military regime.

Chinland Guardian

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