April 17, 2021
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Chin And Kachin Friendly Football Match In Netherlands

07 November, 2009: Chin refugees settled in the Netherlands played a friendly football match with the Kachin near Rotterdam on 24 October 2009. The match ended in a 6-3 score in favour of the Kachin.

“The Kachin, our brothers, invited us to have a football fellowship and we accepted the invitation unanimously. Even though it was the first time we played a friendly football match, it went much better than we expected,” said Pa Sui, a Chin based in the Netherlands.

We plan to continue having our mutual friendship and fellowship in the future, he added.

Last year, 53 Kachin pastors made a brotherly visit to Chin State, where they were welcomed in a locally practiced reception with Chin traditional dances, songs and music. It was the third time the Kachin and Chin have had a historical visit.

It is estimated that there are over 50 Chin people living in the Netherlands.

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