April 11, 2021

Is It What You Really Want?

Is It What You Really Want?

Is it that what you really want, love?
Crying out loud from the heart,
Pleading from the blood to be not apart.
And is it heart?

Breaking down into pieces and it’s raining,
Like a cup made of glass, like a cloud.
Silence and no sound.
Darkness’s all around.

Darker than every darkness on the Planet.
Darker than all shadows,
The night without stars, moon and the light, through the window
On the tree, there is another heart with a hollow.

What happened to me? You or __ to us?
What is that all about love?
Thought it was the gift from above,
I thought you’re my Gabriel, who brings to me a dove.

Is it what you really want, my love?
Picking another fruit and flower from the garden,
Throwing away all burdens,
And following the wide way to your new Eden.

Is it that what you really want?
If so,
From a dream of hope and lust, I’ll let you go
Once I can think of you as my past, I’ll let you know.

12 April 2011

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