April 13, 2021

An Interpreter’s life

26 March 2011 [CG Note: The following verse is composed to mark the World Poetry Day, which falls on 21 March, and to commemorate a three-year experience of interpretation among the Chin refugees in Malaysia.]

Sticking to professional ethics
Committed to the assignment
Impartial to both parties
Excluding his/her own feeling
In an interpreter’s journey…

The main key is accuracy
And sensitivity in religion and culture
No humbleness necessary
But respect matters here
In doing an interpretation…

No matter what skin color or race
But an appropriate dress required
The conduit for langauge’s smooth flow
And punctuality is the character
In a successful interpreter’s path…

Keeping confidentiality
Job done exactly as it is
Nothing less, nothing more
This is how it works
In an interpreter’s life…

Salai Z T Lian

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