April 11, 2021

Photos of Damages Caused in Earthquake-hit Burma

26 March 2011: A magnitude-6.8 earthquake struck Burma on the Thai border last Thursday, killing more than 100 people, and injuring many more, according to sources.

Despite a recent official death toll topping up to 130, it is feared that the number is likely to rise as the search for casualties in more remote earthquake-hit areas, especially in Shan State, is still going on.

A Chin resident in Tachileik town in Shan State said yesterday: “As I am writing this email, we have been hit 12 times already by strong aftershocks. Our house is shaken, things are falling from cupboards and tables, and the road in front is severely cracked. Children are scared and crying while their parents don’t know what to do apart from just standing and staring.”

Burma’s military authorities are said to be demanding that all relief aid be delivered through the government, according to a Thailand-based exile group.

An array of photos depicting damages caused by Burma’s earthquake were yesterday taken in Tarlay town lying between Kengtong and Tachileik towns in Shan State near the Thai border.

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