April 13, 2021

The Day That Makes Chin Proud

12 February 2011: The Chin National Day falls on the 20th of February. On this day in 1948, the Chin people abolished traditional system of governance at a Conference held at Falam and chose to practice democracy. In advance of this year’s celebration, the Chinland Gaurdian is pleased to present a poem by Salai Z T Lian in dedication of the historic milestone.

The Day That Makes Chin Proud

Chins from all walk of life look forward to this day
As it expresses a renewal of our identity
It’s the Chin National Day.

Seeing brothers and sisters in their traditional dresses
And celebrating the day together in happiness
It’s an exciting moment.

Patriotic speeches given so dignified and momentous
That reflects our history and its importance
It’s a moving event.

Listening to the traditional music and chants
And watching the cultural dances and talents
It’s a pleasing scene.

Every Chin values the 20th of February
As it strengthens our brotherhood and harmony
It’s the core essence of the day that makes us proud.

Salai Z T Lian
12 February 2011


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