April 12, 2021
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Two-storey house burnt to ashes near Thantlang

Location of the house destroyed by fire (Photo: The Hakha Times)

21 January 2020 – A late night fire reportedly breaking out in the kitchen brought a two-storey house to the ground outside of Thantlang town last night.

Hmung Hnin, of the Thantlang Fire Department, said that the family were in town when the incident happened, and that they went to the location to put out the fire once they received the information.

The blaze was reported to have started around 2:00am in the house located on the Hakha-Thantlang main road, about 4 miles away from the town, killing some domestic animals including goats and dogs.

No other casualties and injuries were reported.

Within this month, one fire incident in Hakha destroyed three houses and killed one man while another in Falam burnt down six houses and two women. – Reporting by Cer Len Ci.

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