April 20, 2021
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Husband knifes wife to death in Thantlang

(Photo: Thantlang Town)

21 January 2021 – Biak Hnem, mother of seven children, died instantly after her husband named Si Bik whacked her over her neck with a machete-type knife in an unprovoked event in Thantlang town today.

The incident took place in their current home at about 4:30pm near the town center after having moved from Thangzang village.

Thantlang police said that they had not been able to identify the motives behind the killing and that they had kept him in their custody.

“He [Si Bik] is a born-again and devoted believer in God, and sometimes travels to villages and preaches the Gospel as an evangelist. But he has been seen acting strange since late last year,” said one of the neighbours, who asked not to be named.

The dead body of Biak Hnem is currently placed in Thantlang General Hospital for a postmortem and the funeral service will take place tomorrow, according to the local sources.#

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