April 13, 2021

Reclaim Your Rights with All Your Might

Salai Za Uk Ling
16 November 2020

As a sea of cloud blankets the hills below,
And the morning ray touches the darkest shadow,
A sparkling silver engulfs the cloud above;
Bringing light in the darkest hour
Like everything has a silver-lining
Every moment has its own shining;

As noises of boot steps disturb the sound
Awakens cries from the ancient ground
Ancestral homeland plundered and searched
All in greed for riches and wealth
Like every story has its own drama
Every deed has its own Karma

In hopes to find treasures lost, I set out on trails of tears
To rediscover ancient post, where engraved milestones lay in ruins
Memories erased through history books, faith replaced by mongering fear
Prized traditions chipped away, and old folk songs turned out of tune

But still keeping faith in shared promise, though hopes and dreams have long been dashed
Tell me never again to believe, in empty words of the unfaithful
The battle cry of the long deceived, trumpeting words of the truthful
“Reclaim your rights with all your might, never lose sight of what is right”

Seventy long years have all gone past, simmers of hope come at long last!
With pair of Hornbills soaring high, seal of loyalty now in our hands
Within reach is freedom once lost, own your fate to make amends
Tell your children of your dreams, how you achieved them with great pride!

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