April 17, 2021

The prayer of Chin refugees

The prayer of Chin refugees
19 October 2020

O Sovereign Lord! We pray before you.
Please pour your blessings on us.
Here in KL [Kuala Lumpur], our lives have not been comfortable

Sometimes, we shed many tears
Sometimes, we can’t even wipe our sweat
And sometimes, our blood and lives are lost in the hands of the wicked.
We compare ourselves to the land of Egypt where Israeli people were detained as slaves.

Now the UN’s water we drink has nearly dried up.
How do we continue our lives this way?
Our hearts break when we see our children reach school age.
We cannot imagine their future.

God, which way will you lead us?
We don’t like this place anymore
We can’t even sing your song out loud
All the people are against you
Not Christendom
And we are constantly worried about getting arrested so often.
God, is there any extra blessing for us on the other side of the sea?
Please have mercy on us.#

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