April 17, 2021
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Chin USDP MP disqualified by Election Commission

21 Ausut 2015 — The Union Election Commission declared on Tuesday that the election of Dr Ba Maung as a Pyine Hluttaw MP of the Union Solidarity and Development Party from the Kanpetlet township constituency No. 2 was invalidated.

The official announcement came out after a long process of investigation taken into the case submitted by his contestant U Phway Ai (Phai Ai) of the National League for Democracy accusing Dr Ba Maung of violating the election law during the 2010 general elections.

According to the verdict by the Election Tribunal formed following an objection lodged last year by U Phway Ai, Dr Ba Maung, former State minister of Social Affairs, had obtained the majority votes by illegal means against Article 66 (j) of the State Hluttaw Election Law and hence was disqualified from the State Hluttaw.

The Commission said in a statement that it was decided U Phway Ai, who got 1,639 votes in total, would be the legally elected MP of the Kanpetlet Township Pyine Hluttaw constituency No. 2 as Dr Ba Maung’s 1,753 votes were confirmed invalid because of malpractices involved in obtaining them.

It also said that the appeal filed by Dr Ba Maung had been rejected and that he had been fined 200,000 kyats.

Profiles of Candidates (2015 Election)

U Phway Ai
Party: National League for Democracy
Age: 46
Education: B.A (Geo), M.A.C.Ed
Ethnicity: Chin
Religion: Christianity
Job: Trader

Dr Ba Maung
Party: Union Solidarity and Development Party
Age: 66
Education: Ph.D (History)
Ethnicity: Chin
Religion: Buddhism
Job: Minister of Social Affairs, Chin State government

Reporting by Thawng Zel Thang with Shwekey Hoipang

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