April 13, 2021
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Paletwa committee to call on State govt to provide relief aid

2 May 2016 – The Paletwa Humanitarian Relief Committee will be calling on the Chin State Government to provide humanitarian assistance for over 800 internally displaced persons in Paletwa Township.

The Secretary of the Committee, Saya Steven, has recently reported that the Chin IDPs are running out of food and are in increasingly dire need of emergency humanitarian aid and assistance.

A meeting held in Paletwa town last Thursday resulted in the resolution to call on the Chin State Government to immediately take action to provide necessary assistance to the villagers internally displaced by conflict between the Burma Army and the Arakan Army.

He told the Khumi Media Group that over 80 households from the Pyi Chaung area, in addition to 62 households from Pyin Soe Village sheltering near Laungtin village since March last year, had fled their places heading towards the Kaladan river where they are not seeking shelter.

“We are collecting data on the number of IDPs who are running towards the Kaladan but there are many others we have not been able to reach,” he add.

The committee said that it would organize a signature petition calling on the Union government to immediately take action to stop conflict in the country.

Villagers in Pyi Chaung area are afraid to work on their farm due to the fighting and growing insecurity, resulting in many young people being forced to leave the area in search of work in other parts of the country and across international borders, according to the Khumi Media Group.

The Paletwa Humanitarian Relief Committee was formed during the Thursday meeting in an effort to raise awareness of the ongoing under-reported humanitarian situation and to raise funds and humanitarian assistance to help IDPs in the township.#

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