April 20, 2021
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Committees allowed to celebrate Chin National Day in Rangoon

11 February 2016 — The authorities in Rangoon said that they would give the green light to the plan for an event marking the 68th anniversary of Chin National Day in Ahlone Township on 20 February.

Chin committees responsible for the festival will be granted permission to organize the celebration as scheduled, according to Dr Sui Khar, Joint Secretary – I of the Chin National Front, who was meeting with the event organisers today.

Hours after the meeting, Khar, who communicated with government officials concerned regarding the issue, said that he had received verbal confirmation and that written confirmation would follow soon.

The Chin Literature and Culture Committee of Universities in Rangoon and the Organizing Committee for the Chin National Day celebration applied for permission to the Ahlone Township General Administration Department on 27 January.

However, their application was not successful. They submitted another application on 4 February.#

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