April 13, 2021
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Concern as dead body found near Hakha hospital

15 December 2020 – A dead body of a man identified as Sang Tha Lian was found being hanged in a tree near the staff quarters of Hakha General Hospital this morning, making communities alert and worried.

Chan Hrem, a leading member of the Health Concern Volunteer Group (HCVG), said that the body had been found around 7am and known as a 32-year-old man from Dawrhlun ward, Hakha.

No information has been confirmed regarding the cause of the death.

A resident near the hospital told the Chinland Guardian, “No one is really sure about how it happened. But people suspected that he had been killed and hanged in the tree as if he committed suicide.”

“There are some injuries in his legs and hands. People saw that his feet touched the ground. And there were drips of blood seen leading towards the tree. So, this is very worrying,” said the resident.

Hrem said that Lian who was originally from Hmawngtlang village, Thantlang Township, was a family man living in Hakha with his wife and children.

The police are investigating the case.

Similarly, on 9 October this year, a dead body of an unknown man was found in Hausang stream near the Hakha Khuahlun Baptist Church, Hakha.

The body had been decayed and damaged, according to witnesses who took care of the remaining.

“As soon as we heard the news, we went there with a ready-made coffin. We buried the body after it was checked at the hospital,” said Chan Hrem.

The police continue the investigation.

Ceupi, a Hakha youth leader, said, “Strangely, cases like this happen in Hakha and we are very concerned. We think that this is about security issues in our communities, especially at night time. There should be a way in which security system or mechanism can be strengthened and improved. Otherwise, this can continue. We should do something to prevent things like this from happening again.”#

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