April 13, 2021
Chin News

Disease outbreak makes over 100 school children sick in Salen

19 January 2016 — An outbreak of the unknown disease has made more than 100 school children sick in Salen village, Thantlang township, Chin State.

The State Health Department confirmed the occurence and said that an investigation was being conducted to find out the cause of the infection.

Sources close to the State government said that a medical expert had been sent from Nay Pyi Taw to carry out an assessment on the situation and had got to the village on Sunday.

Thawng Khan Piang, headmaster of the Basic Education Middle School (branch), said in the Chin Journal it had been very unusual that the students had got infected all at once.

He added that doctors had arrived in the village on Tuesday to give treatment and that they believed the infection might have been associated with seasonal changes.

However, they said that they had not been able to identify the virus, according to Piang.

Salen is home to about 700 residents.#

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