April 18, 2021
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Flooding affects Chin villagers

06 July 2016 — Continuous heavy rains have caused flooding damage houses and roads in Chin State and Arakan State.

Salai Maung Maung Win said that Chin residents in Minpya of Arakan State were affected, with their paddy fields destroyed and some houses flooded.

The floods have left Chin representatives travelling to attend a conference in Mindat, Chin State stranded in Arakan State.

In Paletwa town, at least one family has been evacuated from their house following floods triggered by continuous heavy rains.

The Khumi Media Group reported that a group of youth volunteers, fire department staff members and town-elders made a concerted effort in helping the family move their belongings from their house which has been affected by minor landslides.

Meanwhile, water overflowing from a dam under construction forced residents in about 10 villages in Tonzang Township, Chin State to run away from their houses.

Photos: Khumi Media Group, Salai Maung Maung Win, Pastor Sang Hre Lian, Karyan Thet and Mya Oo/Chin World Media

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