April 14, 2021
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Chin media to meet in Tedim

19 January 2016 — Leaders and representatives of Chin media from across the country are arriving in Tedim town, Chin State to participate in a meeting organized by the Chin Media Network.

More than 20 people from 16 different Chin media organizations will meet at the fifth CMN annual conference and discuss issues related to media development for three days from 20 to 22 January.

Salai Hung Tun Gei, CMN director, told the Chinland Guardian: “We will be looking into our constitution, and rules and regulations on membership and discuss how the network will be going forward in the future.”

“In order for us to legally function in the country, member organizations should be officially registered and independently run,” said Gei, a leading editor of the Chin World Media.

He added that the meeting would make confirmation of membership for organizations after checking their applications in conformity with the requirements.

Salai Ngun Lal, chief editor of the Chin Times published in Sagaing Region’s Kalay, indicated the importance of organizing a media event like that in order for them to strengthen communication and improve the quality of Chin media.

The network has only been able to organize a meeting once a year since 2012, with the first in Thantlang, the second in Falam, the third in Hakha, and the fourth in Mindat.

Financially supported by the United Nations Development Program based in Hakha, tomorrow’s meeting will discuss the possibility of meeting at least twice a year, according to CMN leaders.#

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