April 14, 2021
Chin News

Chin farmer escapes from arrest by Arakan Army

23 September 2015 — A Chin resident in Paletwa Township managed to get away after being detained by the Arakan Army soldiers.

Salai C (name changed for security reasons) was stopped and arrested for no reasons by AA members while he was returning home from his farm on 9 September.

The Khumi Media Group said that he had informed the Paletwa community of what had happened to him once he had run away from the military base of the Arakan armed group.

He said that he had made his escape while going to the toilet in the following morning, adding: “He was threatened that he would be shot dead.”

A Paletwa community leader told the Khumi Media Group: “The AA soldiers are now active in the Pee-chaung area. People in the region are worried and afraid as they don’t feel safe. This has to be stopped.”

Meanwhile, information about Ai Ling Min, who has been reported detained by the AA soldiers since late March this year, still remains unknown.#

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