April 13, 2021
Chin News

Humanitarian aid given to families short of rice in Thantlang

11 August 2015 — The World Food Program provided rice and yellow split peas for families running out of food in Thantlang town, Chin State last Saturday.

Salai Peng, a Thantlang resident, said that they were facing food shortages after roads leading to the town had been destroyed by landslides since late last month.

353 families with an estimated number of about 2,000 from Wards No. 1, 2 and 3 received rice and yellow split peas, according to the Chinland Post.

The ration, according to Peng, was basically calculated based on the number of family members and consisted of about 24 cups of rice and four cups of yellow split pea per head.

Peng also said that the distribution had been managed by a group of the town-elders, the township general administration office, and deacons of the Christian churches.

Recent heavy rains had caused landslides, mudslides, flooding and flash floods across Chin State, destroying roads, bridges, houses, and even whole as well as villages.#

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