April 14, 2021
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Chin refugee mother traumatized after attempted rape in Delhi

30 August 2013: A Chin refugee mother has suffered after a local Indian man attempted to rape her in her rented apartment in New Delhi, India.

The Chin victim, who asks not to be named, said she is affected mentally, adding: “I feel people in our building look at me differently.”

“This has made me ashamed and I am afraid to go out or to church due to the news,” added the mother of one-year-old baby boy.

The incident took place around mid-day on 11 August 2013 while her husband was working at a church-run informal school.

She said the local man came to their apartment pretending that he was looking for a room for rent.

After speaking to her for a while, the man seemed to know that she was alone.

“The man entered our room directly without asking permission. He sat down on our bed while my baby was sleeping,” said the Chin victim.

“I told him to leave immediately but he refused. He started touching my shoulders tightly and trying to take off my clothes.”

The victim picked up one wooden stool and beat him while she was secretly dialing her husband’s phone.

“I shouted for help and the man was frightened,” she said.

Her husband hurriedly came home after hearing over the phone his wife shouting at the man.

The Chin husband said he met a local Indian man in his late twenties on the stairs but didn’t realize that he was the perpetrator.

The case was reported to an NGO called SLIC (Socio-Legal Information Centre) and to the Women Protection Centre of the UNHCR in Delhi.

“I was told to report the incident to Indian police,” said the victim.

“We can identify the man if we see him,” said the Chin victim and her husband.

The police were informed of the case but they said they would try to investigate, according to one of the Delhi Chin community leaders.

As of today, no action has been taken regarding the incident.

Another similar incident has been reported on 17 August 2013 where a Chin mother was attempted to rape by a local man around 8pm in New Delhi.

At a public hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels in July this year, Rosalinn Zahau, a staff member of the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO), spoke about the significant challenges facing the estimated 100,000 Chin refugees in India, including more than 100 violent sexual assaults in Delhi over the past two years.#

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