April 13, 2021
Chin News

Construction of wind turbines researched in Chin State

29 September 2013: Chin State is among seven places in Burma studied for the possibility of constructing wind turbines to generate electricity.

The China Three Gorges Corporation is conducting feasibility studies in Chin and Rakhine States, and Irrawaddy and Rangoon Regions.

And the Gunkul Engineering Public Company from Thailand carries out its research in Mon, Shan and Karen States, and Tenasserim Region.

According to the New Light of Myanmar, the two companies had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Burma’s Ministry of Electric Power.

U Aung Myo Win, Assistant Director of the Ministry of Electric Power, said that the feasibility studies could take more than a year and that the aims were to develop commercial wind power.

Whether the project would benefit local communities still remains undisclosed. U Aung Myo Win indicated that it would go ahead only if it was economically feasible.

The studies are aimed to produce a total of 4,032 megawatts.

The China Three Gorges Corporation is a state-owned Chinese power company established in 1993, and the Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited was established in 1982 by Mr. Gunkul Dhumrongpiyawut from Thailand.#

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