April 13, 2021
Chin News

CBCUSA sent missionaries to Chins in Burma

28 September 2013: The Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA) announces it has sent 33 Christian missionaries to four ‘fields’ in Chin State and other parts of Burma.

According to the Cerlian newsletter last week, the organization dispatched 16 to Paletwa, 10 to Kanpetlet and 5 to Mindat townships in Chin State, and 2 to Gangaw township in Magwe Region.

CBCUSA had held an opening ceremony of its mission programme on 13 July 2013 in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Adoniram Judson and wife Ann Judson in Burma.

It said that five more missionaries would be recruited to make a total of 38 missionaries as originally planned under the activities of the International Chin Baptist Mission (ICBM).

CBCUSA is an umbrella organization of 57 Chin Baptist churches based in the US, with its members estimated to be around 14,000.#

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