April 17, 2021
Chin News

Iron Cross to visit Chin State

26 August 2015 — Iron Cross, a renowned rock band in Burma, is planning to make a visit to Hakha, Chin State.

They are expected to arrive in the capital tomorrow, in an attempt to make contributions towards helping landslide-affected victims.

According to the Hakha Rescue Committee, the group is likely to be comprising more than a dozen members.

Another source close to the band said that their travel programme might be arranged by a Christian group.

Information about how they are arriving and how long they are going to stay in the town is not available yet.

Other celebrities including actors Lu Min, Wai Luh Kyaw, Pyay Ti Oo and Moe Moe Myint Aung had visited the town, severely affected by major landslides early this month.

Meanwhile, Chin actress Thet Mon Myint aka Zung Cer Mawi said that she would try to visit her native State although her first planned trip by helicopter failed owing to bad weather.

And famous Chin singer Sung Tin Par said earlier this month that she was planning to make a trip to Chin State in the near future.#

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